November 29, 2018

In Honor, In Memory Dedications

Thank you to all that helped Light Up Vinita's Christmas Tree --- In Honor, In Memory.

In Honor
Drucilla Heltzel by Sheryl Millikan
Jack Millikan by Sheryl Millikan
All Active Legionnaires by American Legion
AOCS Devin Thompson, US Navy by Terrie Thompson
Austin McClure, US Navy by Wayne and Donna Bowie
Grandchildren of Marge Dixon by Marge Dixon
Alex Andrew Wilson by Ben and Cynthia Wilson
Kinley Grace Wilson by Ben and Cynthia Wilson
Parker Ward, US Navy by Steve and Janene Mayer
Harper Ann Woodall by Dennis Woodall
Enoch Melchizedek Baker by Dennis Woodall
Piper Doree Woodall by Dennis Woodall
Nancy Salmon by Sheryl Millikan
John Koesler by Debbie Page
Matt Koesler by Debbie Page
Chris Page by Debbie Page
Grandchildren by Debbie Page
In Memory
Dr. OW Dehart by Nancy Dehart
Reba Allensworth by Nancy Dehart
Joe Emory Mulcare by Alena Bradbury
Edith Hicks by Janet Martin
Howard K. Hendren by Joyce Hendren
Oneita Hendren by Joyce Hendren
Howard Ross Hendren by Joyce Hendren
Cotton Hendren by Joyce Hendren
Tim Hendren by Joyce Hendren
Earlene Hendren Snyder by Joyce Hendren
Joe and Dee Schlosser by Jo Ann Schlosser
Shorty and Los Riddle by Jo Ann Schlosser
J.D. and Elsie Ward by Jo Ann Schlosser
Kathy Powell by Jo Ann Schlosser
Paula Riddle by Jo Ann Schlosser
Mike Campbell by Terrie Thompson
Carl and Margaret Campbell by Terrie Thompson
Helen Campbell by Terrie Thompson
Zeno and Grace Casto by Terrie Thompson
Harvey and Faye Brewster by Terrie Thompson
Bill and Julia Holmes by Sheryl Millikan
Maxine Millikan by Sheryl Millikan
LaVerne Green by Sheryl Millikan
Lyndsey Streeter by Sheryl Millikan
All Who Served in Military by Sheryl Millikan
Tubby Hardrick by American Legion
Bob McSpadden by American Legion
Pete Robison by American Legion
C.J. Postier by American Legion
Clarence Shelton by American Legion
LeRoy Heater by American Legion
Dick Kirby by American Legion
Red West by American Legion
Charlie West by American Legion
Valgene Freeman by American Legion
James Crouch by American Legion
Zip Hall by American Legion
Eddie Grimes by American Legion
Shag Allen by American Legion
Merle Dixon by Grandchildren
Vernon Keith McLain Sr by Paula McLain
Louis H Frits by Geneva Frits
Robert J. Arnold by Rhonda Lawson
Mabel Arnold by Rhonda Lawson
Isabel Lawson by Rhonda Lawson
Orley Lawson by Rhonda Lawson
Lark Bowie by Wayne and Donna Bowie
Bill and Helen Pat Raines by Sandra Raines Saunders
Benny Bridges by Jimmy Riddle
Merle Dixon by Kasie Baumert Espinoza
Rugina Carren Irving by Raymond and Ruth Irving
Elmer and Maggie Vanover by Marcia Merritt
Courtney Collins Jarvis by Dana Collins
Jean Heck by Emmy Burdick
Grace Landy-Valentine by Georgianne Landy-Kordis
Don Landy by Georgianne Landy-Kordis
Ron Upshaw by Georgianne Landy-Kordis
Rowena Falling by Sherry Green
Fred Ward by Michelle Ironside
Merle Dixon by Marge Dixon
Eunice Hightower by Lavon Lewis
Roscoe Hightower by Lavon Lewis
Ross Hightower by Lavon Lewis
Chester Loveless by Betty Loveless
Sara Hale by Shelly Hale
Tommy Ballard by Mary Ballard
Rachel McClellan by Sonya Dean
J.B. Landreth by Sonya Dean
Harold C. Neal by Bonnie Neal
Cletus Neal by Bonnie Neal
Patricia Helton by Cynthia Wilson
Millie Griffith by Cynthia Wilson
Dale Wilson by Ben Wilson
Ora B. Leforce by Vi Leforce
Alma Elnora (Cox) Leforce by Vi Leforce
LaVerne Marie (Leforce) Carswell by Vi Leforce
Maxine Josephine (Leforce) Ross by Vi Leforce
Juanita Margaret (Leforce) Nail by Vi Leforce
Earl LeRoy Leforce by Vi Leforce
Eldon Donald Leforce by Vi Leforce
Betty Jean (Leforce) Lane by Vi Leforce
Kathryn B. (Leforce) Lipp by Vi Leforce
John Alvin Leforce by Vi Leforce
Grace Laura (Leforce) Creason by Vi Leforce
William Harold Leforce by Vi Leforce
Samuel Ray Leforce by Vi Leforce
Holly Wilson by Tony and Deanna Marquis
Franklin Southern Sloan by Tony and Deanna Marquis
Dean Bennington by Tony and Deanna Marquis
Donald Ray Marquis by Tony and Deanna Marquis
Anita Marquis by Tony and Deanna Marquis
Rev. Lloyd Carder by Dorothy Carder
Dick and Caroline Nelson by Steve Hawkins
Dorris Cole and Arthur Cole by Steve Hawkins
Louise Carr by LaDonna Hawkins
Wilburn Tucker by LaDonna Hawkins
April Dawn Russell by Shelly Dixon and Whitney Ogden
Lyndsey Nicole Streeter by Shelly Dixon and Whitney Ogden
Denison Emro Woodall by Dennis Woodall
Judah Grace Baker by Dennis Woodall
Helen Mae Woodall by Dennis Woodall
Judy Ann Rutledge by Dennis Woodall
Jeff Applegate by Alyssa and Bayley Neal
Hattie Langley by Nathen and Alyssa Neal
Ronnie Page by Debbie Page

Jeff Huffman by Brenda Huffman
Dave and Marie Daffenbaugh by Misty Bingham