October 7, 2019

2019 Tree Lighter Announced!

The 2019 Christmas in Vinita Tree Lighter will be Miss Avery Wilmering! Avery is 6 years old and battling Craniopharyngioma. She was diagnosed on February 21st, 2019 with a life-threatening tumor. On February 22nd, Avery had surgery to place a reservoir to drain off fluid from a cyst that had grown around the tumor that was crushing her brain. During the surgery, doctors drained an ounce of fluid off of her brain. Due to the location of the tumor, if not treated with radiation, it had a great chance of becoming malignant. Avery and her mom traveled to Memphis in May so Avery could receive treatments at St. Jude. She was there for about three months.

As of today, Avery's cyst has shrunk and the fluid that has been drained is now clear! She will have another check-up in December.

Avery recently met with Wish Granters from 'Make a Wish Oklahoma' where she shared her wish with them! She will hopefully hear back soon that her Wish has been granted!

We are SO excited to have Miss Avery light our community tree this year!

“There is a reason why she was picked for this journey and this little warrior will change lives with her brave story.” -Avery’s mom, Megan